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 Ainice Mink Lashes Offer Mink lashes wholesale customers can order any of Mink lashes main products. This includes the 3D mink lashes, 3D hair lashes, Mink horse lashes ,Best mink lash and Mink eyelash extensions. All Ainice Mink’s products are naturally comfortable, competitively priced and guaranteed to make an impact. The mink hair used is cruelty-free, collected when they shed their hair every year, and they offer eyelashes in a huge range of styles, lengths and thicknesses.
The 3D Mink lashes are designed to make your eyes look bright, attractive and standout. They can be used for either party or day-to-day use and are easily removed using eye make -up remover. These lashes are simple to use and comfortable to wear, made from 100% cruelty-free mink hair. Providing they are looked after correctly, they can be used up to 18 times.

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