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Why are more women using false eyelashes?

Why are more women using false eyelashes?
        Humans are visual animals,The eye is the most important organ in
human sense. It is a bridge of communication between people. You can see how important it is to have beautiful eyes. Believe that everyone is eager to have a pair of charming eyes. Some people, born on bright eyes, long eyelashes.Twinkle, twinkle, very pretty. However, not every woman is so lucky. For women who have long eyelashes and short eyelashes, some artificial techniques are extremely important. For example, false eyelashes, the appearance of false eyelashes, Needless to say, it's a big surprise for women who cry over their short eyelashes.
     False eyelashes are a beauty product, Use it mixed with eyelash glue. Installation is also simple and convenient. Don't need to go to a beauty salon, you can do it yourself. After installation, it can quickly enhance the overall appearance of the person. Make your eyes look bigger, fuller, and more divine, eyelashes look longer and thicker.
     There are many false eyelashes style on the market. Have linear, crossed, Dispersed and mixed. You can choose the right one according to your makeup or occasion. Either way, it's absolutely stunning.
     For eyeliner and mascara, there's another 
advantage to installing fake eyelashes. When it rained on your date and you cried at a moving movie. You don't have to worry about water in your eyes that will rain off your mascara and eyeliner. In cases like these, fake eyelashes won't embarrass you. And unlike mascara, false eyelashes don't contain a lot of chemicals. Even a daily installation won't hurt your eyes.
    As a result, more and more female friends are installing false eyelashes.

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