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Some questions about eyelash extension

For user at eyelash extension,They should need to know the details of the product and the application that it can function as it should throughout the process .Here are some facts that can help user understand how extensions work and how to make them last.

What is eyelash extension?
Eyelash extension is a series of individual ones that by artificial means. They are anchored together, one by one glued to the current eyelash. , using one of the best quality adhesives. As the name implies, these things will lengthen your natural eyelashes, making them look longer and look like they're bigger. Let your eyes appear young and fresh. It can last for 2 months without being asked to shed.

The helpful of eyelash extension
Many modern women are dissatisfied with their natural eyelashes. They use artificial methods to enhance the appearance of their eyes. Eyelash extension is undoubtedly the best choice, as they can provide a quick and objective result. Compared to false eyelashes, the advantage of eyelash extension is that you can choose what they look like. For example, we can choose Length and thickness. In the state of being beautiful, Eyelash extension can save time, without having to get up every day to paint mascara.
Can you do this on your own?
Often, this technique requires a professional and experienced person to do it. Only the professionals have to know how to use the materials in order to get the best results. Plus, they know how to keep your eyes from hurting when using glue and other materials. And don't worry that the glue will damage your eyelashes during the extension surgery. I can't stop you from doing it for yourself though. But, I still recommend that you hire a trained and experienced professional for this service.
What should notice after extending eyelash?
The best eyelash extensions should last 6 to 8 weeks. After the operation, keep the eyelashes dry for 12 hours. Try to keep glycerine makeup to a minimum around the eyes. Don't pull your eyelashes unless you want it to fall off.
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