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How to choose the number of eyelashes extensions?

How to choose the number of eyelashes extensions?

      In recent years, eyelash extension has become more and more popular. It can be seen everywhere, both at home and abroad. Frequent TV viewers know that some famous movie stars and singers have chosen this practice. Such as : Kim Kardashian, khloe kardashelloan,Shay Mitchell and so on. There is no doubt that they all have beautiful eyes. But having long, thick and natural eyelashes is what every girl wants.
But do you know about eyelash extension?

     Eyelash extension is an advanced beauty technology that can often be experienced in beauty salons. By technical means, the eyelash product is integrated with the eyelash glue one by one to stick to the root of the true eyelash. Grafting eyelashes need to be handled carefully and require professional technicians to install them. Also, Professional beauty institutions, the use of the relevant product quality are guaranteed.
Is the number that eyelash extensions more good?

      Actually, this basically is the eyelash quality that sees individual itself. The grafted eyelashes stick to the base of the actual eyelashes. The eyelash of oneself can produce a kind of bear ability. Once you exceed this tolerance, your eyelashes can't stand it can easily fall off. So, choosing the right amount is best.

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