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How should consumers distinguish real mink eyelashes?

How should consumers distinguish real mink eyelashes?
      As we all know compared to other false eyelashes,Real mink eyelashes, an expensive, healthy, beautiful, and comfortable beauty product. Not only does it quickly improve a person's overall appearance but it also boosts confidence. Enhance your personal charisma. Therefore, it is widely used in daily life.
       For the past few years, real mink eyelashes have become more and more popular among female friends. In order to cater to consumers' love, merchants constantly bring forth new ideas. There are many kinds of false eyelashes on the market and various styles. But individual businesses are motivated by self-interest. Some say true mink eyelashes are also not true.
       Like that in that way then. How should consumers distinguish real mink eyelashes?
Real mink eyelashes are made from the softest, best naturally shed mink hairs. Mink eyelashes are custom-made. Looks like no mechanism in front of all, more flexibility, looking comfortable and natural. Real mink eyelashes are the most recent type of true eyelashes. Real mink hair is burned and then turns to powder, just like human hair. Generally, synthetic false eyelashes will become plastic solids after burning.
       For normal false eyelashes, True mink eyelashes don't fall off easily. Delete them carefully when you don't need them, then store them correctly when you don't need them, and be able to reuse them 20-30 times. Mink eyelashes are made artificially. So the quantity is not big, the price is higher. The general retail price is between $20 and $30. If you find that the price is lower, be careful, it may be faked.

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