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 Some questions that customers often ask
Q:Are eyelashes extenions safe
Eyelash extension is a series of individual ones that by artificial means, one by one glued to the current eyelash. Let your eyes appear young and fresh. It can last for 3 months.Eyelash extensions are safe if done by properly trained and certified professionals
Q: Do eyelashes grow back naturally after using false eyelashes?

False eyelash is a kind of reproduction, through to the person's eye big little, shape, eyelash thick degree is customized and become. It is glued to the eye lid around the bottom of the eyelashes. They are easy to install and remove and are only a short-term enhancement to improve the appearance of eyelashes.The growth that won't affect eyelash commonly

 Q. What is the real “mink”?
     The “mink” mean is luxurious and noble .The real mink eyelashes allow for you have to longer , fuller, natural and attractive.
Q.  How many different types of false eyelashes you have available?
     3D mink lashes, mink 3D hair lashes, Horse mink lashes and best mink lashes.
Q How are raw materials obtained?
    It is collected when minks fall their hair very year.
Q. Do you provide sample orders?
    Yes, you can review more info of this link:
Q. What's the wholesale price of the product?
      Yes, we do the wholesale price. You can review more info of this link.
Q. Do you offer customized private label services? 
      Yes, We offer customized private label services. You can review more info of this link.
Q. Is there a quantity requirement?
     NO, The minimum order quantity is 5 boxes
Q. How many days can I receive the goods after placing the order?
     Take 2-3 business days to US
     Take 3-4 business days to Europe.
     Take 4-5 business days to Africa
Q. How to contact us ?
    Gmail: ainiceminklashes@gmail.com
     WhatsAPP: +861581953091


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