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Eyelash Extensions VS False Lashes

In our daily life, as long as you pay a little attention to your female friends, you'll find that many women use false eyelashes to enhance their appearance. Why do false eyelashes become part of the make-up bag for modern women? Because , they are really cheap and functional.

      Compared to eyelash planting, false eyelashes really save money, worry and time. Now outside any of the beauty agencies to grow eyelashes, the completion of the service costs about $100. This does not include the cost of late repairs. And, grow eyelash to maintain time is probably 2 to 3 week, use period is short. The most important is, grow eyelash to put in certain safety risk. During the growing process, glue is used, and it is not guaranteed to work on everyone's skin. Especially the eyes, the most sensitive part .So, we have to think carefully.

   False mink eyelashes are a beauty product also. Installation is also simple and convenient. Don't need to go to a beauty salon, you can do it yourself. After installation, it can quickly enhance the overall appearance of the person. Make your eyes look bigger, fuller, and more divine, eyelashes look longer and thicker. The price of each pair ranges from a few dollars to a dozen dollars. The style is novel , the style is various not only in 3D mink lashes but also in 5D longer lashes. Enough satisfies the female disposition card freshness feeling. Can be used repeatedly, especially the mink false eyelashes. With its unique material and natural appearance, it is increasingly favored by women. The quality is very good. as long as you put it on, it's going to show up in a unique way. It will work perfectly with your real lashes, with no hint of RIPS. And that's the beauty of it. Most importantly it is safe to wear and does not damage the skin. This is important.

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