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Different types of false eyelashes have different effects


  Different types of false eyelashes have different effects

     False eyelash is a popular beauty eyelash product.  According to the material can be divided into: chemical fiber eyelash, human hair eyelashes, mink eyelashes and feather eyelashes. The eyelashes of different materials look different. Human eyelashes and mink eyelashes these two kinds of false eyelashes look more natural and closest to true eyelash. The prices are higher than the other two on the market. Chemical fiber eyelash and feather eyelashes compared to the first two looks are not so natural and give a fake and cheap feeling.

   According to the use can be divided into: the film and television eyelash, simulation eyelashes, Personality eyelash and Rag Doll eyelash. We can choose according to different occasions and makeup.

   It can be divided by type of work: handmade and machined eyelashes. The eyelashes produced by the machine are relatively neat. Too often too neat will appear unnatural. Handmade eyelashes look realistic.

    There are many names for false eyelashes on the market now. Such as:3Dmink lash, 4D natural lashes,5D lashes. But these are really just sellers trying to attract customers. No matter which kind of eyelash, suit oneself is best. So when it comes to choosing false eyelashes, you should consider first the purpose of your purchase of false eyelashes. Daily or special use, Light or heavy of makeup, Natural or exaggerated. You choose daily use in general, choose natural eyelash to match simple makeup. When choosing eyelashes, look at the eyelash band, the eyelashes are thin and soft, it is more comfortable and natural to be soft with your own eyelashes.

    Only know clearly the product, go choosing to suit oneself product again, the effect that such comes out is best.


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